Monfragüe National Park

This National Park is a true natural paradise. For all lovers of nature in its purest form, of tradition and of culture, Monfragüe is the jewel of Extremadura.

Measuring a total of around 18,000 ha, this region is made up of 7 municipalities, among which Serradilla stands out for being the one with the biggest land area by far at 5,000 ha, part of which is public use land (more than 30% of the total park area), and the only one featuring a Public Use Mountain within Monfragüe. In addition, the village of Villarreal de San Carlos can be considered the nerve centre of this area. It is linked to Serradilla via the "brown", "black" and "blue" itineraries of the National Park.

The main value of the Monfragüe National Park is that it is one of the best-preserved examples of Mediterranean forest in the world, with an ecosystem comprising a great variety of native species of flora and fauna. It also stands out for how easily one can observe a wide variety of endangered species like the black vulture, the imperial eagle or the black stork. All of this natural heritage can be enjoyed in Serradilla by making use of its variety of routes, trails, viewpoints, observatories, activities, etc.

The urban area of Serradilla is nestled between the Tagus River and the mountains that make up Monfragüe to the north. This location offers tourists the opportunity to discover a number ecosystems without leaving the municipality, including principally oak and cork oak meadows, riverside vegetation, crags, forests, Mediterranean scrub and pinewood. As is to be expected, this rich variety of forest ecosystems is home to a spectacular diversity of plants, animals and also cultural elements, all of which can be appreciated along the numerous routes that can be taken from the town, and along local roads leading into the Public Utility Mountain area.


There are two tourist information points in the municipality, one in Serradilla (the "La Huella del Hombre en Monfragüe" Interpretation Centre), and another in Villarreal de San Carlos (the "Lugar Nuevo" Interpretation Centre).

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