The Town of Serradilla

Discover the deep marks left on the culture of the municipality by the Iberian wolf, the region’s own dialect written and forged on the streets of Serradilla, and ancient wells of Roman origin that have supplied the town with water from deep springs for thousands of years.

The exact origin of this municipality is unknown, although there are clear signs that it was already inhabited by Roman and pre-Roman civilisations. Evidence of this has been found in the area, including fountains and Roman remains, as well as cave paintings that are thousands of years old.

In 1557 the town was named "Villa Realenga" by King Felipe II. The town centre is nestled between the Tagus River, 4 km to the south, and a succession of mountains in the north and running from east to west that constitute the prolongation of the Las Villuercas and Monfragüe mountain ranges.

This location offers tourists, without leaving the municipality, the possibility of getting to know the different ecosystems of Monfragüe, including meadows of holm and cork oaks, riverside vegetation, crags, forests, Mediterranean scrub and pinewood. As is to be expected, this rich variety of forest ecosystems is home to a spectacular diversity of plants, animals and also cultural elements, all of which can be appreciated along the numerous routes that can be followed in the more than 4,000 ha of Public Utility Forest and hundreds of kilometres of local roads in the area.


If you visit Serradilla make sure you don´t miss the Sanctuary of the Blessed Cristo de la Victoria, the Monfragüe Boat, the hiking routes and the “Traces of Humanity in Monfragüe” Interpretation Centre.

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