Blessed Christ of the Victory

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The Sanctuary of the Santísimo Cristo de la Victoria de Serradilla is the second most visited religious sanctuary in Extremadura

This sanctuary is run by cloistered nuns of the Augustinian Recollect Mothers order and is listed as a National Historical-Cultural Monument. This is not surprising, as it houses a magnificent collection of frescoes and Baroque-style paintings by Rubens, Claudio Coello, Caravaggio and Francisco Gutierrez.

But without a doubt, the stand-out masterpiece of the collection is the carving of "Christ of Serradilla", a work by the Madrid artist Domingo de Rioja, who sculpted a triumphant Christ looking both lively and kind. The work was commissioned by Francisca de Oviedo in 1635. Her will and faith assured that the carving arrived in Serradilla on Saturday, the 13th of April 1641, but not before having been retained in the chapel of the Real Alcázar of Madrid by order of King Felipe IV, and later in the parish church of San Martín de Plasencia, at the wish of Bishop Plácido Pacheco.

Numerous miracles are attributed to this Christ sculpture, hence its fame and its thousands of devotees around the world, who celebrate the Day of the Cross every 14th of September in honour of the Blessed Cristo de la Victoria.

This is the most valuable treasure of the people of Serradilla, as it carries in its gaze the desires, sufferings and hopes of a population that has paid it profound respect and worshipped it for almost 400 years.


The sanctuary can be visited all year round from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Fotos del Santuario

  • Calle Liberato Alonso, 17 10530 Serradilla - Cáceres
  • Todo el año: mañana (9:30 a 14:00) y de tarde (16:00 a 19:00)